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The Silk Service
Custom tailored clothing direct from Shanghai
Snow, Volcanos, Tailors and TV Shows

Dear << Test First Name >> << Test Last Name >>,


So much has happened since we last wrote to you. Do, you remember the beautiful fabrics Sarah sourced in December? Well they’ve now been transformed into more than 150 garments and we’ve just added two dozen linens and an exclusive range of summer chiffons.

Snow, Snow and more Snow!JANUARY
Snow, Snow and more Snow!

While barely a single snow flake fell in Shanghai the arctic conditions which hit the UK forced the cancellation of all Silk Service parties and stranded Sarah at home for days on end.

Chinese New Year!FEBRUARY
Chinese New Year!

Just as the snow was thawing in England fireworks were flying off the shelves in Shanghai as everyone prepared to celebrate Chinese New Year. This meant the fabric markets closed down and everyone headed back to their home towns for almost a month leaving us with orders, but no tailors.

Photoshoots & Fabric Woes!MARCH
Photoshoots & Fabric Woes!

We decided a photo shoot of our garments would kick start us after the quiet beginning to the year. We were right; everyone was ready to go and the orders flooded in, then we hit our first supply problems. Our hugely popular Lapis Thai silk disappeared from the tailors shelves just when we needed it most. Poor Alex was driven demented by Sarah taking orders while he scoured Shanghai for the missing silk. After weeks Alex eventually found a precious few metres and we realised we had to secure our supply of hard to come by fabrics.

Watch TV Show

Volcanoes & TV Shows!

Yet again mother nature seemed determined to get in our way as volcano Eyjafjallajökull spewed Ash all over europe not only stranding holiday makers, but also dozens of Silk Service orders in Shanghai.

The Silk Service has also garnered some attention in Shanghai too. For two weeks on and off Alex had a documentary film crew following him around. You can watch the TV show online here.


Several busy and successful Silk Service parties lead to a deluge of orders and sadly some problems too. Faults, mistakes and cultural misunderstanding.

As we started to move outside our core range of garment designs, trying to meet your ever growing imaginations, we were asking the tailors to produce garments new to their workrooms. Our tailors are predominantly family businesses with skills passed down from generation to generation. While they are interested and intrigued by the concept of what we’re doing they have to be cajoled and encouraged to move outside their comfort zones. This has lead to some interesting exchanges of ideas!

So what do we do when things go wrong?

As you can see it’s been a roller coaster journey so far. We’re trying to do something quite complex in a very innovative way to give you unique outfits at affordable prices.

We’re still learning and getting better all the time, but If we make only one promise to you, it is this…

“When something goes wrong, we will ALWAYS bear the burden and resolve any problems.”

This is our cast iron promise. If we don’t live up to your expectations we need to know.

Let us know your thoughts…

As our first customers we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you want us to make, send us your ideas and ask us questions.

Look forward to another update quite soon,

Sarah & Alex

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