You want to host a Silk Service Party and introduce your friends to the great idea of creating their own special and exclusive garments.

What happens at a party?

As a party host/hostess we will provide you with party invitations to send or give to your guests/friends. You can have a Silk Service day, which usually runs from 10 or 11am to 5 or 6pm. If your days are busy you can opt for a morning, afternoon or evening party. These are usually just three hour parties.

Sarah will arrive about 45 minutes before the party starts to set up the sample clothes racks,fabric samples and garments ready for sale.

Every hostess gets to chose a silk scarf from a wide selection of colours as a gift and “thank-you” for hosting a party.

For parties the especially successful parties the hostess gift is a pearl necklace also handmade for us in Shanghai.

Hostesses who over a year hold 3 Silk Service Parties are offered the choice of a free garment; Either a Silk Gillet
OR our simple C1 Coat
OR our Classic Shift Dress

The ideal number of guests depends on the party format you chose;

Over a day up to 20 guests can arrive throughout the day, depending on their own schedules. Hostess usually provide coffee/ tea and some like to provide lunchtime snacks.

It’s ideal ideal to have 4-8 people at anyone time as guests have fun trying on garments and giving each other colour and style advice. As guests browse though the fabrics and garment sample Sarah measures each person in turn, chatting with them about what they are looking for in style and colour.

The short party format can either be a coffee morning, afternoon tea or an evening drinks party. For this type of party between 4 and 10 guests is ideal. Any more than this becomes unmanageable in the 3 hour time frame as each guest has to be measured and needs time to look at the fabrics and discuss their garment choices with Sarah.

One party guest who was looking to create an outfit for her daughters wedding started the day looking at blue and brown fabrics:

She left with sample fabrics in purple and silver and a head full of ideas…… A few weeks later she had this