About Us

The Silk Service’s mission is to bring to UK customers the endless selection and fantastic possibilities of the Shanghai Fabric Markets. We cross distance, cultures and language barriers bringing you elegant bespoke tailored garments at very affordable prices.

In mid 2009, Sarah went to visit her globe trotting son Harry who was living and working in Shanghai. Harry and his flatmate Alex helped Sarah explore the fabric markets and get two coats designed and tailored to take back to the UK.

Sarah and Alex started to discuss the possibilities of creating a bespoke tailoring service for the UK market and before Sarah returned to England they made up a small but interesting collection of fabrics. After showing the coats and fabrics to a few friends Sarah found she had several orders and The Silk Service was born.

Over the subsequent months Sarah and Alex formed a great partnership and have sourced some of the finest fabrics available while developing strong links with the very best tailors in Shanghai. Alex, a natural entrepreneur, who lives in Shanghai and speaks Mandarin, has forged good working relationships with tailors who show skill and flair and who are keen to work with The Silk Service on an exciting international project.

Our Tailors

The tailors working with The Silk Service are all small independent family run businesses. The tailors use the fabric markets as their showrooms with their workshops often in adjacent districts. Alex and Sarah have made a point of visiting the tailors in their workshops during working hours are are delighted to report that the Silk Service orders help to enhance the ability of these family businesses to thrive. The ethos of family is strong in China and most businesses are passed down from father to son often with several generations working together passing down and learning skills which ensure future success. In a burgeoning market the Chinese are keen to access education and place great importance on the younger generation having all the advantages this can provide. The Silk Service has already become aware that by building our business with family tailors  we help provide a platform for the future, not only for ourselves but also for our tailors and their families.

Sarah Alexander
Co-founder, Marketing & Sales

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Alex Duncan
Co-founder, Production

Contact info :
020 3239 9606  uk phone
+86 15902 141067  china mobile
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